Saturday, July 4, 2009

What do I tell this gurl?

So, what do I do of this gurl whose has stayed single for 8 years after being 16?
What do I tell her when her new years were nothing but gazing at the fireworks, hearing people wait for it to strike 12, to kiss at the strike of 12, phsically promising to be into them for the next year....tell her not to get chocked up by wating TV, tell her not to wait on petty calls, tell her not to hope that one day this scene will change, while she only seems for it to strike 12, while she isolates herself close to it, only to say....O dear God at 12, leading into....give me a brush of fresh air, and further a new life in this one atleast....

What do I tell her when she feels like shes falling in love, and the guy turns out to be wrong?
What do I tell her when her weekends are worst than working on a science project during weekdays?
What do I tell her when she looks around, and as shes turning older, shes becoming lonlier?

Well...Id like to tell will change....coz Murphy can't apply all thru life :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finallyy blog!!

After deep consideration and ounces of attempts I finally got down to "creating my blog"...
Deep Thots - because life IS NOT shallow, not atleast at this point in time...ummm...unnn....actually neva was :)
So lets see if I am able to pen, jiji, rather type down my thots often...